US Firearms Mass-Murders 2021

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The Atlanta shootings were the first public US mass-murder attack in almost  a year

The United States was given much needed reprieve from public shooting attacks last year owing to the Coronavirus pandemic leading to public gatherings being banned and stay-at-home orders being put into place. Domestic mass-murders however still remained. Nonetheless, incidents of firearm mass-murders were still down significantly on the previous year.

2021 however looks to be a mixed bag. With mass-vaccinations taking place across the country and with businesses and venues beginning to reopen this could lead to far more opportunities to carry out a public assault. However, given that 2020 was such a quiet year in comparison and given that public mass-murders are statistically very rare there is still optimism within the country that mass-murders will continue to decline.

Incident #DateLocationKilledInjuredDescriptionSource

1January 9thEvanston (IL)52Spree
2January 24thIndianapolis (IN)61Domestic, one residence
3February 2ndMuskogee (OK)61Domestic, one residence
4March 13thIndianapolis (IN)41Domestic argument over stimulus check, one residence
5March 16thAtlanta (GA)81Spree attack, unknown motive
6March 22ndBoulder (CO)101Public attack at a supermarket, presumed jihadism
7March 28thEssex (MD)41Multiple locations
8March 31stOrange (CA)41Workplace shooting
9April 4thAllen (TX)40Double teenage mass-murder suicide-pact



The map below shows the locations of each firearm mass-murder.

Two incidents occurred in Indianapolis, however only one marker is shown.

In addition to the above mass-shooting incidents, a man is wanted in connection with 4 deaths in Albuquerque where four dismembered bodies were found in the trunk of a car.

As of the last incident (on April 4th) there has been TEN mass-murders in the United States in 2021, leading to 55 deaths and 8 injuries, an average of one every 10 days.

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