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US Firearms Mass-Murders 2021

The Atlanta shootings were the first public US mass-murder attack in almost  a year

The United States was given much needed reprieve from public shooting attacks last year owing to the Coronavirus pandemic leading to public gatherings being banned and stay-at-home orders being put into place. Domestic mass-murders however still remained. Nonetheless, incidents of firearm mass-murders were still down significantly on the previous year.

2021 however looks to be a mixed bag. With mass-vaccinations taking place across the country and with businesses and venues beginning to reopen this could lead to far more opportunities to carry out a public assault. However, given that 2020 was such a quiet year in comparison and given that public mass-murders are statistically very rare there is still optimism within the country that mass-murders will continue to decline.

Incident #DateLocationKilledInjuredDescriptionSource

1January 9thEvanston (IL)52Spreehttp://tiny.cc/hewutz
2January 24thIndianapolis (IN)61Domestic, one residencehttp://tiny.cc/lewutz
3February 2ndMuskogee (OK)61Domestic, one residencehttp://tiny.cc/xcwutz
4March 13thIndianapolis (IN)41Domestic argument over stimulus check, one residencehttp://tiny.cc/oewutz
5March 16thAtlanta (GA)81Spree attack, unknown motivehttp://tiny.cc/sdwutz
6March 22ndBoulder (CO)101Public attack at a supermarket, presumed jihadismhttp://tiny.cc/jh9vtz
7March 28thEssex (MD)41Multiple locationshttp://tiny.cc/72evtz
8March 31stOrange (CA)41Workplace shootinghttp://tiny.cc/btivtz
9April 4thAllen (TX)40Double teenage mass-murder suicide-pacthttp://tiny.cc/72evtz
10April 8thRock Hill (SC)60Unknown, shooter was former NFL playerhttp://tiny.cc/50uvtz
11April 15thIndianapolis (IN)86Workplace shooting at Fedexhttp://tiny.cc/qr4wtz
12April 29thBoone (NC)40One residencehttp://tiny.cc/hfywtz
13May 9thColorado Springs (CO)60Birthday party shootinghttp://tiny.cc/02axtz
14May 24thWest Jefferson (OH)40Apartment shootinghttp://tiny.cc/i442uz
15May 26thSan Jose (CA)90Workplace retaliationhttp://tiny.cc/n442uz
16June 15thChicago (IL)44Argument at residencehttp://tiny.cc/asf2uz
17July 20thJacksonville (TX)40Failed robbery
18July 25thWasco (CA)41Hostage situation
19Sept 5thLakeland (FL)41Unknownhttp://tiny.cc/7k0nuz
20Sept 5thHouston (TX)40One residence
21Sept 12thSaint Paul (MN)40"Snapped"
22Sept 25thAthens (TN)41Argument at residencehttp://tiny.cc/1j0nuz
23Oct 20thFarwell (MI)40Female shooter had hit-listhttp://tiny.cc/aj0nuz
24Oct 21stTacoma (WA)40One residence targetedhttp://tiny.cc/gj0nuz
25Nov 14thTuscon (AZ)41Argument at trailer parkhttp://tiny.cc/mj0nuz
26Nov 28thLancaster (CA)50Mass-familicidehttp://tiny.cc/vj0nuz
27Nov 30thOxford (MI)47School shootinghttp://tiny.cc/3k0nuz
28Dec 27thDenver (CO)52Spree-shootinghttp://tiny.cc/5k0nuz


As of the last incident (on December 27th) there has been TWENTY-EIGHT mass-murders in the United States in 2021, leading to 142 deaths and 32 injuries, an average of one every 13 days.

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