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European Jihadist Attacks - 2021

   As Coronavirus lockdown restrictions began to ease throughout Europe the threat and worry of potential jihadist attacks on large crowds began to re-arise simultaneously. However, given that the number of fatalities due to jihadism has sharply declined in Europe over the past few years (barring last year owing to a Charlie Hebdo inspired spate of jihadist assaults) the threat does not seem to hold nearly the same amount of worry in the European conscience in 2021 as it did before. Several countries such as the UK have lowered their terror threat level, whilst some countries have not suffered a jihadist assault is several years. Nonetheless, the threat still exists. This article tracks jihadist assaults in Europe in 2021.

*Death and injury toll does not include perpetrator.

23rd April - Rambouillet knife attack (France) – 1 dead, 0 injured

A Tunisian immigrant enters a police station and stabs an administrative worker to death. The 36 year old watched jihadist propaganda videos including material that glorified and encouraged jihadist martyrdom before carrying out his attack. President Macron reiterated his opposition to Islamic jihadist terrorism, and an investigation was opened by French anti-terror police. The attacker was shot to death on the scene.

13th October – Kongsberg attack (Norway) – 5 dead, 3 injured

A 37 year old Norwegian-born Danish citizen carries out a rampage attack in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg, killing 5 and injuring 3 more. Police confronted the suspect however they failed to subdue or apprehend him thus allowing him to carry out his attack. The suspect was known to the nations police and they were aware of possible radicalisation, however he was not considered likely to carry out an attack. The attack was the deadliest mass-murder in Norway since Anders Breivik's far-right attack in 2011 that killed 77, and only the second jihadist attack in Norway after the Oslo Kiwi supermarket stabbing.

15th October – Essex stabbing (England) – 1 dead, 0 injured

Conservative MP David Amess is stabbed multiple times at Belfairs Methodist Church and later dies of his injuries. The 25 year old British born attacker considered himself to be an associate of ISIS and had been planning the attack for years in advance. He is arrested and detained under the Terrorism Act 2000.

8th November – Cannes police stabbing (France) – 0 dead, 2 injured

Two police officers are stabbed in the French city of Cannes before the suspect is neutralised by gunshot. The suspect is alleged to have previously threatened staff outside a local police station “in the name of the Prophet”. Officials (including the mayor of Cannes) confirmed that anti-terror police had taken over investigations, and three people are arrested in connection with the attack; the suspect a man who worked for him, and another who housed him. The incident itself adds to an increasingly long list of French attacks against police officers and staff within the country.

   FOUR jihadist attacks have been carried out across the continent in the year of 2021, leading to SEVEN deaths and FIVE injuries.

   Jihadist attacks have also been carried out in other Western or Western-esque countries such as the Boulder (Colorado, USA) shooting at a King Soopers supermarket that left 10 dead, as well as a stabbing attack in the New Zealand city of Auckland that left 7 injured (this was also carried out inside a supermarket.

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